The best fried chicken….

ImageThis is the first time I fried one of our new organic chickens raised this past summer by our neighbor, Dale. Wow. We could not stop eating this chicken. Here’s the drill:
After thawing the bird in the refridg I cut it up,  remove the skin and give the pieces a good washing off.  Still wet, I bread them with my blend of flour, and spices.

*Here’s my flour mixture with approximate measurements for two legs, two thighs, the wings and deboned, sliced breast meat:

I don’t use wheat flour often but for this there’s no substitution.
In a ziplock bag, I mix white flour ( about a cup and a half or more) with heavy amounts of garlic powder (1.5 T?), onion powder (3 t) , paprika (2 t), Lawry’s seasoning salt (2 T), and pepper. You can taste but only before the chicken is added to the mix! I put the wet chicken in the bag and shake and squeeze to coat.

I heat a good amount of Smart Balance oil in a big, heavy skillet ( so there’s no crowding).  Before adding that first piece to the skillet, I make sure the oil is HOT.  Please resist the urge to turn the chicken every 2 seconds. Leave it alone for the first 5 minutes or so you get a good crust started….until you see and smell some browning. Adjust the heat as you go, turning the heat down after browning the second side, but turning the heat back up a bit if the crust begins to sog and lose crispness. Do not fry chicken in a covered skillet.

During cooking (I must remind you, again) resist the urge to turn the chicken every two seconds so it will cook evenly 🙂 Make sure near the end that your seasoning is the way you like it.  You can  taste the crust and see if you need to add more Lawry’s.

I fry until the crust is really brown and the pieces feel soft when pushed on (boneless, skinless white meat takes only a few minutes…legs and thighs take much longer).
Take out a piece and cut it open if you are paranoid about raw poultry like me.  Try not to over cook.
Drain on paper towels and DIG IN.
*Sorry I can’t provide you with exact measurements.  It all depends on the amount of chicken you are frying and therefore, experimenting. Enjoy hot out of the skillet or later, cold or reheated.
We love it with a big spinach and iceberg salad with homemade ranch.
I’m thawing another chicken in the the refridge right now, for the weekend!

I hope you can find organic chicken. There is a definite difference!