The needle felted animals at Gingerbread Farm

Needle felted sculpture is an art using sheep’s wool and an array of single barbed felting needles.  The process begins with handfuls of raw wool that are wrapped and folded with a gentle hand and then locked into shape by poking the wool hundreds and hundreds of times with a barbed needle until the desired shape is finished.  My animal creations come from my own ideas, animals, photos, even dreams.  I don’t work from patterns or instructions, although in the beginning I did use a kit to learn the craft.  Every creature develops its special personality and physique as the process progresses.  I never really know who they are until near the finish.  Then they get the finishing touches of expression and detail: glass eyes, noses, mouths and of course a name and sometimes even a new owner if someone takes a liking to one!  Here are some of my works in progress!

Unfinished projects Core wool, shapes and needles Wools for felting needles in core wool Swine Lake Paximus