My name is Jodi and I live in Ohio on Gingerbread Farm with my husband and various creatures. We also have a fantastic son and daughter- in -law but they live in the next town over.

At the moment, we have two miniature horses, 19 year old Flynn and 18 year old Sugar, our seven year old yellow lab Willow and  4 year old adopted sheep,  Ken.  Then there’s Bonnie Parker, the cat who lives in the barn but loves to come up to the house and visit.  Sadly, our ducks and mini chickens are all gone thanks to a raccoon or weasel, but we fully intend to outsmart any varmints with new and improved safety measures so we can hopefully get more fowl in the spring.

My peaceful place on the planet initiates many creative endeavors both inside and out including but not limited to, animal husbandry and organic gardening. My inside world is composed of fabric, vintage quilts, wool needle felting, yarn, knitting, crochet, music, my piano, sewing, writing, drawing, painting ACEOs, creating organic dog and cat toys and treats, and attempts at healthy cooking, eating and exercise.

So, if your interests involve simple living, creating, clean eating and being entertained by farm animals, visit often!

Now go take a walk. 🙂


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