Just saying….. :)

I get exasperated when I watch the Food Network and the Cooking channel, sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, the food looks yummy, the shows are fun to watch but really, do people want to go to all that trouble following elaborate recipes, cooking with ingredients that over time can wreak havoc with their health all in the name of taste and glutinous satisfaction??  Hey I love to eat like anybody else but I want to share a secret with you:  simple preparation of healthy, clean food is quite satisfactory both physically and mentally.  When you eat well, your body responds in positive ways and your mental and emotional relationship with food becomes balanced and adjusted and begins to work in harmony with your body which initiates not just the feeling of well being, but OF well being!!  Also, please don’t be so afraid to try new foods.  For example, here is a lunch that is very filling and satisfying, and no recipe required. There’s organic brown rice with chick peas, advocado and goat cheese, steamed spinach with Celtic salt broth, and Medjool dates.Image I know that some of you can’t get past the goat cheese so, try a cheese you like!  Use pinto beans instead of chick peas.  You don’t need sauce or gravy or whatever the cooking enthusiasts say you need.  You don’t always have to be led by a recipe or cooking star.  Be creative.  Educate yourself about food and why it’s important to eat to live, not live to eat.  Knowledge is power and the internet has an almost infinite store of information about food and nutrition.  Our society is so brain washed about food.  Take a minute and think about what you put into your body and take it seriously.  You wouldn’t think of putting crappy gasoline in your vehicle.  Right?  Why not?  Okay.  Enough said.  🙂


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